Alright, I set…

Alright, I set it up so you can comment on anything I post. I hope I don’t regret that. If I start getting a bunch of useless nonsense instead of constructive responses, then I’ll turn the comments off all together. Please click on the “comment” text at the bottom of each post to add your thoughts.

Have I told you how cool Radio is? I’m still doing the trial and have 27 more days before I decide to buy or not, but I can’t see myself not putting down the money for it. Even though a lot of it is over my head right now, I can still see it’s quite impressive. Just set up a couple categories that all point to different ftp servers with no trouble at all and I started working on the design. There’s a lot of XML involved (which is something I know nothing about) so it’s a bit of a learning curve, but the more I mess with it, the more I understand.

Oh man, I can’t believe I’m still up. All I’ve been doing since I got home from work Friday is tinker around with Radio. I even turned down sex the other night (with someone other than myself) to play with this. Thanx UserLand for destroying even the tiny bit of social life I once had. It seems well worth it.

Dale Earnhardt Day Announced

April 29th has officially become Dale Earnhardt Day in Alabama. If you don’t know yet, I’m a big NASCAR fan and an even bigger Earnhardt fan. I mean this was one of my biggest role models growing up. He was the FIRST larger-than-life character I can remember looking up to. I practically grew up with him every Sunday morning. A true hero and champion on and off the track and now given an honor very well deserved. I’m sure you’re going to hear me rant and rave more about him this Monday and I’m looking forward to writing about it.

Quote of the Day

It’s one of my friend’s last day at work. Pretty sad stuff. Because it’s his last day and we’re all gonna miss him, today’s Quote of the Day is dedicated to him. He’s not the brightest crayon in the bunch and that will be very obvious very soon:

“Is that a dog?” – Tusong pointing, “Naw, it’s a kid!” – Alex

Ignore this post….

Ignore this post. This is just a test to see if I can update my site through e-mail. If you can see this, then it works and good for me. If you can’t then you wouldn’t even know that I screwed up.

I'm learning…

Hot damn, I’m learning! Little by little so it seems but I am. I just got rid of the pre-made template for and replaced it with something original. Yes, it’s gray and boring (give me a break, I’m doing it at midnight and it took a half an hour), but I was bothered by the fact that what was up wasn’t mine. Of course, this is only temporary until I make the template I really want to have. Until then, let me know what you think.

Man, look at the time. After I started diving into the Radio software, I knew I was going to be up late tonight. Probably still gonna be up for a couple more hours screwing around with things. I also told myself at the begining of the week that I was going to start running every day after work again to work off my tummy, but that looks like it’s gonna be pushed back at least another week.

Damn you all to hell for all of this gorgeous technology! Not that I had a great social life before this, but I sure don’t see any good reason to leave my room anymore after tonight. That whole eating thing is way over-rated.

I can't even begin…

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am that a good friend has now introduced me to Radio UserLand. At first I was a little hesitant on choosing it but with only the hour or so I’ve been playing with it and the advice I’ve gotten, I can see how it is more than just a blogging tool. I’m positive I have NO idea of the capabilities of the tool yet, but hope fudging around with it more and more will help bring me some sort of understanding.

I think I can look back in my life and say I was able to start a lot of thing but rarely able to finish them (or at least finish them the “right way”). I hope will not be one of those things. Even if my web hits fall to zero, I hope to still be posting simply because it’s a positive outlet for me right now in my life and an exercise (mentally and technically) I have decided to administer to myself to see how I will handle this time.

Sorry about the generic stock interface (although still very nice for a default). It something I definitely want to work on in the near future. I hope to keep updated and maintained regularly so please feel free to visit it anytime you can… or not. It’s all up to you so I figure.

So in the infamous words of Mickey Knox: “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Good luck to us all…

First post!!!

First post ever! Well, again actually. I erased all of my old (worthless) posts and started over from scratch reinstalling Radio UserLand. Still, a landmark in history! Now let’s see if anything is to come of it.