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Dammit, Safari! Work with me here!

Apple, I’m happily entwined in your ecosystem, but I can’t, for the life of me, move completely over to Safari on all platforms. Every time I try, you just give me reasons to back off. Give me a snappier response, pinned tabs, a better download manager, and an ad-blocking plugin that actually works. Then we’ll talk.

Wafer vs Waffle vs Sugar Cone

I’ve spent 35 years on this planet and I’m finally ready to give everyone the answer as to which cone is the best for ice cream. It is the wafer cone and the wafer cone alone. If you say the waffle or sugar cone, so help me, I will murder you. They don’t inherit the property of the ice cream inside of it. You can’t stand either of them flat on a table when you need an extra hand. They can’t reliably hold ice cream the way the wafer cone can without dripping. I mean put some soft serve in a waffle or sugar cone and tell me your hands aren’t sticky in a matter of minutes. They’re also cheaper of the two solutions. Seriously, get on wafer train because any other answer and you’re just flat out wrong.

The First Step

Best part of my night was hearing a quote that I probably should have ran into in the past, but was new for me.

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”
- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I’m having a very difficult time moving even the slightest bit past paralysis without seeing that whole stair case right now.

Why I Hate The Big Bang Theory

There are a lot of people in my life who watch and enjoy The Big Bang Theory. A lot of those people sit there and say they have no idea why I don’t take the time to watch it because it’s about me and the things I like. I’ve seen a couple of episodes and not a single thing about it pulls me in. In fact, the times I’ve watched, I’ve been genuinely insulted by it and always compelled to get away from it as quickly as I could have. Why I experience this reaction while other get so much joy from it has made me want to write something about it for quite some time, but it looks like I wont have to.

I found this article written by a fellow nerd. I love seeing someone else document exactly what I’m thinking and his analysis is so spot on. Here’s couple of quick excerpts:

“…lazy humour is one thing but cruel humour is quite another. If you watch, really watch an episode of The Big Bang Theory and pay attention to when the audience laughs it soon becomes clear that what they’re laughing at. What Chuck Lorre wants us to find funny is not the jokes which the characters are making, it’s the characters themselves… The reason I feel uncomfortable watching The Big Bang Theory is because it’s laughing at me, at people like me.”

“The humour in The Big Bang Theory relies on the audience siding with and relating to Penny, the character coded as ‘normal’ in comparison to the main four guys.”

“And this isn’t even touching on the way TBBT portrays women. Most notably the fact that until recently the only female character on the show had no understanding of science or nerd culture, and the episode in which it’s treated as a miracle that a woman is in a comic book store – ‘she must be lost’ they say.”

It was an interesting read that I related to a lot, so there’s why I hate The Big Bang Theory.